Personal Note | Writing for Me

If you haven’t already noticed, I have been a bit from this blog.  The past 2 summers, I was slammed with fun stuff going on…all for my rock’n 9 year old daughter. My family comes first and during summers it’s about taking time to breath, live... read more

So much going on!!!

Hey all it’s been a crazy year; the fact that it’s already mid July baffles me!!!  Wasn’t it just the New Year?  It’s been so busy I haven’t been able…actually I haven’t made any time to blog what has been happening here at... read more

Roaming Novas

Last December my daughter was busy with acting gigs.  She had 10 run of the theater production ” Achristmas Carol” as Tiny Tim.  Amidst that busy month, she also got a role in a movie: The Evil Gene directed by Katie Turner.  Luckily it was one day gig and... read more

Passion of Work

The one thing I discovered during the trials of my business change this year is that my creative juices have been quenched.  Almost every shoot has been about discovering the real me- the fun, creative, sarcastic me and sharing it through my work!  I remember 7 years... read more

New Chapter in Life | Middle Age

Yesterday was my birthday; I turned 42!  I remember the week leading up to my 40th birthday and how I dreaded it!  I never thought of aging as a burden; I had embraced it until that week.  I felt like my life had flashed before my eyes and I had little time left to... read more

Wednesday | This is Water

Good morning.  On your way to work today, before your daily routine and possibly the one day many of dread MONDAY I felt this would be appropriate as you start your day. This is one of those videos those speeches that makes snap out of our funk and start paying... read more